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BambooBrushes products are all about small green steps towards a cleaner planet we all share! We believe that many of these small steps can make huge collective changes.

We help eco consious consumers to change their habits and join the plastic waste, chemicals and harmful ingredients fight by providing high quality, stylish and trendy alternatives without compromising the user experience.

We need your help to bring these products and drive change to your local community.

Recently we created alternatives for plastic toothbrushes and plastic cotton buds and there are more exciting products to come!

Our products are of exceptional quality and very competitive prices to create a business model of great success.

Currently we are expanding around Europe through exclusive area distributor agreements covering all aspects of marketing, merchandising, order handling and delivery, making it really easy to control and grow our business together in your local area.

Our concept wins and gains huge popularity over conventional products because it respects our planet along consumers.

Our business model wins over conventional wholesale because it is innovative and driven from a team of passionate individuals with "green" mentality and huge business experience.

So if you share a common vision to protect our enviroment, reverse plastic waste pollution and deliver a greener planet to out children please don't hasitate to contact us below.